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PTO Election and New Nominations

Presenting... our new PTO Co-President, Jeff Wallichs! You don't have to be crazy to take the job, but it helps.

Presenting… our new PTO Co-President, Jeff Wallichs! You don’t have to be crazy to take the job, but it helps.

Congratulations to our new PTO board members! They were voted in at the May 1 PTO meeting and will be off and running after May 29. We do still have some openings, so read on…

There was not a second nomination for Co-President so that position remains open. We have recently received a nomination for Lori McConnell. Since she is currently a Vice President that position has become available.

At the May 1 meeting we discussed adding a second Treasurer position. This was positively received by all in attendance. At the May 29 PTO meeting we will vote to approve that position and also to fill it. Read more details about the two Treasurer roles here.

We will have another election at the PTO meeting on May 29.

Nominations for Co-President, Vice President (General) and Assistant Treasurer are now open and will be accepted until the time of the vote on May 29, 6:30pm. More info on what these positions do can be found here. Those interested should contact Mr. Hodge (, Laura Crawford ( or Talley Hann (

Co-President: Jeff Wallichs
Vice President (Communications): Carmen Rivera
Vice President (Volunteers): Hilary Klein
Co-Secretary: Eduardo De Santiago

Open (accepting nominations):
Co-President: Lori McConnell has been nominated
Vice President (General): Open
Assistant Treasurer: Open

Co-Secretary: Rebecca Tull
Lead Treasurer: Lynn Battoglia

Co-Treasurers Responsibilities

Proposed at the May 1, 2014 general PTO meeting, with a final vote to approve at the May 29 PTO meeting. Nominations are being accepted for the Assistant Treasurer role. See this post for more details.

We are proposing the addition of a second treasurer position to ease the transition between terms and to distribute the workload of responsibilities between two board members.  A first term treasurer would be responsible for all accounts receivable and then at the start of the second term would transition to the Lead Treasurer role.

Lead Treasurer – Accounts Payable:

  • Keeps an accurate record of all expenses and revenues including receipts and signed reimbursement forms
  • Balances all bank accounts using Excel or other software
  • Disburses funds approved from the annual budget, from general meetings or from approval by the PTO board
  • Disburses cash box and funds to fundraising chair and provides reconciliation documentation needed by the Accounts Receivable Treasurer
  • Presents a statement of accounts at every meeting of the PTO Board
  • Prepares the PTO budget for approval at the Fall meeting
  • Provides information for the external audit
  • Prepares annual tax return information to be submitted to the board approved accountant
  • Prepares the annual 1099 for each teacher or individual contractor paid over $600.00
  • Supports the Assistant Treasurer as needed

Assistant Treasurer – Accounts Receivable:

  • Responsible for collecting and reconciling all payments made to Eagle Extras, World Language Program, and all other fundraising/payment activities
  • Responsible for collecting, processing, and reconciling receipts of cash/checks/ etc for deposit to the bank
  • Responsible for communicating to fundraising chair about procedures for collecting funds and submitting reconciliation documentation
  • Submit all deposits receipts with detail to the Lead Treasurer weekly
  • Prepares monthly deposit record for the Lead Treasurer in anticipation of  the monthly report
  • Supports the Lead Treasurer as needed with the exception of check writing and disbursing funds

PTO Meeting This Thursday, May 1, 6:30 PM

We hope you can join us for the May PTO meeting, which is this week on Thursday, May 1 at 6:30pm in the Library/Media Center on the second floor. As always, free child care is provided.

Irving School PTO
Agenda for Monthly Meeting
May 1, 2014
Irving Media Center Library

    1. Welcome
    2. Presentation by Student Council members on their initiatives (15 minutes)
    3. Presentation by student representatives and Ms. Noonan on digital citizenship (15 minutes)
    4. Election of new PTO Board members* (10 minutes)
    5. Proposal to add a second PTO Treasurer Board member position (5 minutes)
    6. Principal’s Report (20 minutes)
    7. Treasurer’s Report (5 minutes)
    8. Committee Reports and Date Reminders: (20 minutes)
      1. Event evaluation: Spring book fair
      2. Event recap: Tasty Dog
      3. Event recap: Indoor recess
      4. Irving sleepover: May 2
      5. Ethnic festival and parade: May 3
      6. Other committee reports
    9. Eagle Extras Update (5 minutes)
    10. Vote to change date of final PTO general meeting to May 29, 2014
    11. Approve minutes from 4/3/14
    12. All other business

* Nominations for open positions may be accepted until the time of the vote. Nominations received to date are:
2 x Co-Presidents: Jeff Wallichs
1 x Vice-President (Volunteers): Hilary Klein
1 x Vice-President (Communications): Carmen Rivera
1 x Co-Secretary: Eduardo De Santiago

Next meeting: May 29, final wrap-up of PTO activities with an overview of summer budget planning and next year’s initiatives.

We hope to see you there. If you are unable to attend and would like to discuss anything on the agenda, please contact Laura Crawford at, Jodie Ackerman at, or any of the other PTO board members (click here for contact info).

PTO Elections

Hello, Families! Welcome to Spring!

As we move into the last part of the school year, we also need to look ahead and take care of some business! All faculty/staff members, parents, and guardians of children attending Irving Elementary School are automatically members of the Irving PTO, so this information affects each of you.

The dynamic relationship between our families and staff is what makes our school such a great place, and now is a perfect time to deepen and enhance your involvement with Irving Elementary.

The PTO Executive Board has several positions opening at the end of this school year, and the PTO is accepting nominations at this Thursday’s meeting at 6:30p.m. in the Media Center. (Childcare provided)

The open positions are for 2-year terms:
Co-Presidents (2) – lead collaboratively, delegate, strategize
Vice-President of Communications – get the message out
Vice-President of Volunteers – recruit and communicate
Co-Secretary – keep track

Even if you are unable to attend this Thursday’s meeting, you can submit your name for nomination via a member of the Nominating Committee: John Hodge, Talley Hann, Hannah O’Connor and Lori McConnell.

Thank you!
Irving PTO Nominating Committee

Position Descriptions:

All Executive Board Members:
– Attend Monthly Executive Board Meetings
– Attend one or two summer meetings to create budget and calendar
– Vote on issues via email
– Staff info tables at Forms/Fees, Kindergarten Open House, etc.
– Jump in as needed

In conjunction with the other secretary, this position requires:
– Taking minutes at regular PTO and Executive Board Meetings
– Keeping record of email votes
– Working with other Board Members to create the annual event calendar
– Updating the exterior bulletin board
– Maintaining and updating PTO documentation
– Participating in all other regular PTO business as a member of the Executive Board

VP of Volunteers
Most of the work is currently done by email, but recruiting new committee chairs is generally easier in person. The bulk of the work is usually at the end of summer and beginning of the school year. This involves:
– Working with the rest of the PTO board to finalize dates for PTO events and communicating them to the chairs
– Recruiting for any unfilled committee chair positions. For the past couple of years, we’ve asked committee chairs to give a report at the PTO meeting following their event and let us know then if they plan to chair again–that way, it’s easier to get a new chair lined up for the next year
– Recruiting 1st-grade parents to do Can-Do Kids
– Recruiting 5th-grade parents to chair the Send-Off Activities (the 5th-grade parents have already been lined up for 2014-2015)
– Compiling blue volunteer forms collected at Forms and Fees Day and other beginning-of-year activities and put the info into the spreadsheet
– Updating the committee chair contact info for the Directory

Then throughout the year, the work is more “maintenance”–it includes:
– Keeping an eye on the calendar in order to give lists of volunteers (who submitted blue sheets) to the chairs
– Helping chairs recruit volunteers if they need more
– Reminding chairs, after their events, to report on them to the PTO board

No special equipment other than a computer with email and Excel.

VP of Communications
This position is in a state of evolution, but the way it is envisioned is to oversee all aspects of communication. This could involve recruiting people to take on many of these tasks, with the VP serving in an oversight position.
– Email listserv – send emails out highlighting timely information
– PTO website – update and keep current as needed
– Facebook – monitor and maintain
– Digital Backpack
– Flyers – marketing
– Newsletter – proposed for future

This position also participates in all of the other regular PTO business as a member of the Executive Board.

The president positions have an ebb and flow of work that varies depending on how much assistance an event or issue requires. Some weeks there is literally nothing, others it can be up to maybe 10 hours or so, but that’s rare. The board members are not expected to cover for events that need assistance, unless they simply want to. The committee chairs are very competent in what they do, and the presidents are there to be a resource to guide them, not to supplement their activities. Most presidents will have activities they want to be involved in separately from this role.

The presidents try to work together to keep abreast of extra- and co-curricular activities to provide general oversight and guidance and to improve processes. This often involves talking with a committee chair or volunteer to approve or discuss something so they can move ahead. It helps to be inside the school with some regularity, and that can be for just a few minutes at drop off or pick up. Most communication is done via email since most of our parents have varied schedules. The president should check in with committee chairs well in advance of their events to make sure things run smoothly.

The general PTO meetings are the first Thursday of the month and one of the presidents sets the agendas and leads them. The presidents should be aware of the by-laws and follow the general meeting procedures of Roberts Rules. The PTO board meets sometime the week before the general PTO meetings and the presidents set that agenda. Board meetings are used to work through information in advance of the general meeting. The presidents bring items to either the board or the general membership for a vote as needed.

One of the presidents (or another representative) are also expected to represent Irving at monthly PTO Council meetings. This is a forum for D97 presidents to discuss common issues, share best practices and be a resource to each other. Council meetings are also attended by key D97 staff, including Dr. Roberts, and D97 board members. The presidents are expected to share information from these meetings with their school as appropriate. PTO Council is generally the 3rd Monday of the month from 7-9pm and little other time is required.

Work over the summer includes the oversight of developing the annual budget, which gets presented at the first PTO meeting of the year. This process is flexible, but in the past has meant 2 board meetings with emails with the treasurer in between. The treasurer compiles the budget with guidance from the presidents.

There are shared files on Google Docs and the outgoing presidents are available as a resource.

Overall, it helps for the presidents to be somewhat familiar with non-profit governance, and to be comfortable making decisions and recommendations in a team environment, working closely with the principal, board members and committee chairs.

Nominations & Election per PTO By-Laws
Nominations will be made by the Committee at the April PTO meeting, at which time nominations may also be taken from the floor, and those nominations will be accepted by the general membership.

An election should occur at the May PTO meeting. Write-in candidates will also be accepted at that time. When there is more than one candidate for an office, the election shall be by ballot with a simple plurality of the membership present for the election.

The newly elected officers shall be installed at the June meeting and assume their responsibilities at that time.

Thank you for your consideration!

PTO Meeting This Thursday, April 3, 6:30pm

We hope you can join us for the April PTO meeting, which is this week on Thursday, April 3 at 6:30pm in the Library/Media Center on the second floor. As always, free child care is provided.

We hope to see you there. If you are unable to attend and would like to discuss anything on the agenda, please contact Laura Crawford at, Jodie Ackerman at, or any of the other PTO board members (click here for contact info).

Irving School PTO
Agenda for Monthly Meeting
April 3, 2014
Irving Media Center Library

  1. Welcome
  2. Presentation and Question/Answer by Faith Cole, Assistant Principal at Julian Middle School, on the transition to middle school and life at Julian (20 minutes)
  3. Principal’s Report (20 minutes)
  4. Nominations for Open PTO Board Member Positions (5 minutes)
    1. Notes: Nominees need not be present to be nominated; nominations also accepted at May 1 meeting; voting will be held at May 1 meeting.
  5. Treasurer’s Report (5 minutes)
    1. Vote on funds for new school banners on street posts.
  6. Committee Reports: (20 minutes)
    1. Event recap: Technology night
    2. Spring book fair: April 21-25
    3. Academic fair: April 23
    4. Tasty Dog fundraiser: April 30
    5. Irving sleepover: May 2
    6. Ethnic festival and parade: May 3
    7. Other committee reports
  7. Eagle Extras Update (10 minutes)
    1. Vote on policy change to remove limit on scholarship requests.
  8. Approve minutes from 3/6/14
  9. All other business

Next meeting: May 1, includes presentation on Internet safety by Ms. Noonan and Student Council representatives.