PTO Election and New Nominations

Presenting... our new PTO Co-President, Jeff Wallichs! You don't have to be crazy to take the job, but it helps.

Presenting… our new PTO Co-President, Jeff Wallichs! You don’t have to be crazy to take the job, but it helps.

Congratulations to our new PTO board members! They were voted in at the May 1 PTO meeting and will be off and running after May 29. We do still have some openings, so read on…

There was not a second nomination for Co-President so that position remains open. We have recently received a nomination for Lori McConnell. Since she is currently a Vice President that position has become available.

At the May 1 meeting we discussed adding a second Treasurer position. This was positively received by all in attendance. At the May 29 PTO meeting we will vote to approve that position and also to fill it. Read more details about the two Treasurer roles here.

We will have another election at the PTO meeting on May 29.

Nominations for Co-President, Vice President (General) and Assistant Treasurer are now open and will be accepted until the time of the vote on May 29, 6:30pm. More info on what these positions do can be found here. Those interested should contact Mr. Hodge (, Laura Crawford ( or Talley Hann (

Co-President: Jeff Wallichs
Vice President (Communications): Carmen Rivera
Vice President (Volunteers): Hilary Klein
Co-Secretary: Eduardo De Santiago

Open (accepting nominations):
Co-President: Lori McConnell has been nominated
Vice President (General): Open
Assistant Treasurer: Open

Co-Secretary: Rebecca Tull
Lead Treasurer: Lynn Battoglia

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