World Language Program


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The World Language Program at Irving School is an introduction to different languages and cultures. In these classes, students will learn basic communication vocabulary. The relaxed class environment will help students overcome their apprehension to speak a foreign language. Language skills will grow over years of instruction.

World Languages are sponsored by the PTO, endorsed by the School Board, and encouraged by the staff and principal of Irving School. WLP is completely independent, funded solely by tuition paid by families of participating children.

Registration is opening Tuesday, January 24 at 8am and will remain open through Friday, January 27 at 5pm. Click HERE to register.

WLP will run for approx. 12 weeks beginning January 30, 2023 through April 28, 2023. The fee will be $130 for one child or class, and $240 for 2 children or 2 languages. Scholarships are available. We don’t want finances to prevent you from signing up your student! Please email and we will make sure your student is able to take at least one language class without fees.

All classes will take place during Lunch/Recess on the following days:

WLP Schedule 2023

Click here for more Details and Instructor Bios

Umm… but what about lunch? Don’t worry! Your student will still be able to bring a lunch from home or get hot lunch on their world language days. For at least the first few weeks, the students will be picked up from their regular class a few minutes early, either by their language teacher or by our World Language Program coordinator, to make sure they have their lunch before going to their language classrooms. This way we can ensure everyone knows what to do and where to go!

Please note that we do have a registration minimum and some classes may not run if the number is not met.  All classes will meet for an hour once a week during lunch/recess on their assigned day. 

Questions? Concerns? Please email us at