4th & 5th Grade Physical Activity Note from Mr. Hancock

4th and 5th grade parents,

I will be sending home monthly homework assignments to all 4th and 5th graders thoughout the year.  This assignment is used to promote physical activity outside of school.  Since I only get to see them once a week for a hour (66 mins.), I wanted to make sure that they still remain active the rest of the week or at least twice a month.  It only requires your child to perform two different physical activities each being at least a half an hour in duration.  A total of one hour a month.  I asked that they get a parents signature on it to verify that they performed these activities.  If your child already plays a sport that would already take care of the assignment.  At first it was just extra credit, but since the return rate was so low I made it mandatory homework and part of their grade.  This homework is 10% of each unit’s (month’s) grade and could lower your child’s grade if not turned in.  Please just be aware that this is coming home and it is required homework that was put in place to keep your sons and daughters active and healthy.


Thanks again,

Mr. Hancock

Physical Education Teacher

Physical Activity Form

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