Here is some important information that every student (and their parents) need to know!


Clean and proper gym shoes must be worn in class.  They must have either shoelaces that are securely tied, “Velcro,” or no-lace shoes which are designed for activity.  Shoes should fit the feet snugly for safety and to allow for maximum participation.  Any kind of sandals, dress shoes, boots, Crocs, or casual shoes with regular or platform heels are not appropriate and are not allowed for class participation.  Shoes that have “cut out” spaces are also not allowed in class (including sport sandals).  These rules are to insure the safe participation of your child with the most amount of activity.  If you have any questions about whether shoes are acceptable for class, please have your child show them to his/her p.e. teacher before they wear them to class!

Students also need to dress for maximum participation.  Shorts or long pants must be worn underneath skirts/dresses.  Pants must fit at the natural waistline – a belt needs to be worn if pants or shorts are too baggy.

The following school dress code rules also apply for physical education:

*Tank tops must have straps that are at least 3 fingers wide and long enough to cover the midriff – especially during movement.

*Tops cannot be cut low in the front and/or the back.

*Shorts and skirts must be longer than the mid-thigh.

*No bare midriffs.

Anyone not wearing appropriate clothing will not be allowed to participate in class.  Every day they miss due to not being properly dressed, there will be a consequence given.

Hair must be kept off the face during class time.  Anyone with longer hair may be required to pull it off their face or secure it with a hair band.  Hair falling into the eyes is not safe for participation.

Please be aware of when your student is scheduled for physical education class.  It is always hard for a student to not be able to participate because they are not prepared for safe activity.

Thank you very much.  Please email me at, should you have any questions.

Josh Hancock, Physical Education Teacher


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