Irving Garden needs your help!!!

Yes, spring and summer will come. I have faith that soon we will all feel the hot sun on our shoulders.  If you are like me, you can’t wait to get out in the garden and wake up that earth! Well look no further because the Irving garden needs you! There are a lot of ways to volunteer in the Irving Garden. Here are just a few:
  • Fill greenhouses with dirt (thanks to those that helped on this. There is still a little dirt left on the native prairie garden)
  • Prepare the garden beds for planting (Some volunteers are tackling this memorial day weekend.Bring a shovel and join in the fun. actual dates and times are not known yet. Contact Bharathi at or just come on by)
  • Help classrooms transplant seedlings into garden beds (late May, early June)
  • Repair and improve watering system (ASAP)
  • Tend and water the garden over the summer
  • Help harvest veggies throughout summer and into fall
All these things are important. I am particularly seeking assistance with the watering system. The hose connections leak, the sprinkler heads are failing and get smothered by the plants after a while and the water pressure is poor. Any creative, handy parents out there want to take this project on?
Finally, I am also looking for someone to take over my role of coordinator. I can assist this spring and there are a few dedicated volunteers that can assist as well. Please let me know if you are interested in any of these needs.
Here’s to spring and warmer days!
Thank you,
Reshma Desai

We need your help to build Irving’s shed!

2013-10-09 shed sketchThings are moving along with constructing Irving’s new garden shed, but we really need a few more people, especially this weekend and next weekend. Can you spare some time to help out? You don’t need to be able to wield a power saw, but comfort with a hammer and a drill is helpful. Sunday afternoon we also need people to just hold up walls. Please feel free to share this info with anyone who may be interested, even those who are not Irving parents.

Our new garden shed is going to be really amazing. It’s made from donated, recycled and reusable materials and will have a wall made from straw bales. See the attached drawing, by Tom Bassett-Dilley. Our garden tools are going to have the best house in town! This will also serve as a base for outdoor classroom experiences.

Here’s the plan:

This Saturday, 10/12, starting at 9am: We’re going to construct the 3rd wall, which involves nailing plywood to 2×4’s. This will probably be it due to weather and schedules.

This Sunday, 10/13, from 9:00-2:00: We need a bunch of people to help hold up the 3 walls and secure them to the foundation. We’re hoping to install the door track and staple building paper to the walls. Any time you can spare Sunday would be a huge help.

Next Saturday, 10/19, after 1:00: We’ll put together the straw bale wall and secure it with wood on the top and bottom. This part promises to be really, really cool – no question. Bring the kids to help.

Next Sunday, 10/20, time TBD: We’ll need a large group of people to help put plaster on the straw bale wall. This means 3 coats of plaster inside and out. Kids should be able to help with this. It’s going to be messy and fun. We’re also planning to do the roof next weekend, which means we’ll need ladders and people on them to work with corrugated metal.

Please let Laura know if you’re available at all this weekend or next. We really need your help putting this all together. Feel free to contact Laura ( or Tom Bassett-Dilley with any questions.

Thank you!!