Eagle Extras- CANCELLED TODAY and until further notice

We have unfortunate, but maybe not unexpected news, that Irving (with direction from d97) out of abundance of caution will be cancelling after school activities for the foreseeable future. More information on what all is included in the cancellation will be coming from Mr. Hodge directly, but, the short version is Eagle Extras classes are being cancelled effective TODAY.
We realize for parents and guardians with kids in classes today that may present a particular challenge for you. If your child cannot be picked up at the normal school closure time today (and today only), child care will be arranged in the auditorium and you can pick your child up at the normal Eagle Extras pick-up time. For those with students in Hebzibah or Oak Park Friends, we will coordinate with them to have your child go there unless we hear otherwise.
I know this may raise a lot of questions for you, including how long are the classes cancelled for? Will the classes start up again at some point? What does this mean for the money you paid for these classes?
We are working through those questions and will follow-up with more details when we can and ask for your patience with us as we figure this out. This is obviously an unprecedented situation and we will do the best we can.
Please contact us with any questions eagleextras@irvingpto.com
Thank you!

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