“Take 5 With Your PTO” The Executive Committee Live and In Person!

Have questions for us? Want to know who is behind the PTO? Want to know more about the open positions before nominations are due at our next PTO meeting on 4/3? How about chatting with us at drop off while our kids run around! We can’t promise great weather, but we can promise great discussions and ways to get involved.

Where to Find Us: We’ll start off outside the Kindergarten door on Cuyler from 2:50-3:30, then we’ll move over to the playground. Look for us Tuesday 3/10. Friday 3/13, Monday 3/16 (morning too!), Friday 3/20 and Monday 3/30.

Who They Are: Wait a second – who is even on the Exec Board? Who should we look for?

  • Stacey Belmont – Co-President
  • Jean Dawson – Co-President
  • Lauren VanderBerg – Communications
  • Alison Askham Price – Communications
  • Melissa De Jesus-Vasquez – Co-Secretary
  • Mindy Everett – Co-Secretary
  • Vanessa Izar McFadden – Co-Treasurer
  • Susan Raphael – Co-Treasurer
  • Michelle Le Hew Ahring – Volunteer Coordinator
  • Mechelle Wesley – Co Diversity Committee Respresentative
  • Lettie Tatheia Sullivan – Co Diversity Committee Representative

What They Do: In Short (you get the basic idea):

  • Presidents: Set meeting agendas, ensure things are done, represent Irving on greater district events, and steer the committee in genral.
  • Communications: Facebook, Irvingpto.com site, Google Calendar, Newsletters, — If you like WordPress and Square Account set up – the position for you.
  • Secretary: Minutes, follow up letters – can listen through the noise in a meeting.
  • Treasurer: Budget, Receipts, Taxes, Compliance, Numbers are your jam.
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Finds us people!!
  • Diversity Committee (Check out the great “Take 5” about them).

Time Commitment:  The Executive Board does meet 30 minutes prior to the general meeting. Assume depending on month and things we have going on – an hour or so a week responding to things up to 5-10 hours a month during planning sessions.

Exec Committee Positions for 2020-2021 Coming Available:

  • Co-President
  • Communications Co-Coordinator (2 positions open)
  • Co-Secretary
  • Co-Treasurer
  • DivInc Co-Chair

Not ready to take on a full “exec” position but know you have leadership to give? The following committees could be right for you! Be sure to check out previous “Take 5 With Your PTO” and future issues for more details!

2020-2021 Needs: (remember – helping someone out as co-chair means no one gets too burned out!!!!)

  • Book Fair (Need one or two more chairs)
  • Craft Fair Co-Chair
  • Craft Services (Need one to learn ropes for vacancy in 2021-2022)
  • Fifth Grade Committee (Need two to three people)
  • Garden Club (Need one or two people)
  • Irving Sleepover (Need a new chair, and ideally, they will shadow this spring)
  • Parent Parties—Need one more person
  • Teacher Parties—Need one more person
  • Yearbook—Need two person (note – February is their busy time)
  • Class Baskets—Need another
  • Pacers—Need someone

So hope you will come and stop by and talk to us in the next few weeks!


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