Take 5 With Your PTO – Spying on (I mean “Volunteering”) with your kids.

So last week we talked about having fun and getting to know other adults in the Irving Community, but today let’s learn about ways to give back while keeping an eye on the youth in the Irving Community.

So many great parents organize so many fun things for our youth, and organize some good for the world things too! Let’s dive into the Fun Fair, Sleepover, Book Fair and Zero Waste!

Fun Fair:

Who They Are: Committee- Kara Sakellaris, Nick Sakellaris, Courntey Sakellaris (costco order and concessions), Nicole Daniel (Dancing for Desserts)

What They Do: Help with this winter indoor special event in February that includes games, prizes, entertainment, and food. For the Desserts: Coordinate donations of desserts, help run this event at the Fun Fair, and coordinate storage and pickup of desserts after they are won.

Time Commitment:  We plan January- February. Event is late February. 1 thing to know– Online ticket sales was a HUGE undertaking last year. Open to ideas on making the event more equitable but also a FUNdraiser.


Who They Are: Committee- Kara Sakellaris, Nick Sakellaris, Sarah Carter (has been our parent organizer for past several years of breakfast)

What They Do:  Solicit parent/teacher volunteers, promote to families, and organize activities, food, and supervision for annual sleepover (this year on 5/8/2020). Nick and Kara do all sign ups, communications, flyers, set up and cleanup of event.  Volunteers are needed though to help supervise the games, movie, and yes – sleepover too! And if you don’t sleep over – bring coffee and breakfast the next morning!

Time Commitment:  We plan March and April, event is late April or May.1 thing to know- This is the most fun event EVER! And Sarah doesn’t even spend the night!!!!

Book Fair:

Who They Are:  Jean Dawson (Yep – Superwoman does it herself!)

What They Do: Help with the fall and spring sales of high-quality paperback and hardcover books.  Spring dates are 4/20 to 4/23/2020. (Fall Dates are usually October). Work with the seller, set up, get the volunteers, make sure wish lists are filled out by the teachers, and more.

Time Commitment:  You’ll be busy the week or two before – and then expect that week to be living at the school (or have a good group of volunteers working all of the shifts.  1 thing to know – Just like for us when we were kids – the book fair is a highlight for youth. Their smiles and joy in finding the right book is priceless.

Zero Waste Lunch Committee

Who They Are: Leah Fluecke and Sabrina Blackney

What They Do:  Volunteers are essential in maintaining this Zero Waste program because they train and assist the children through the sorting process, which can be a hurried and confusing process.

Ideally, we need volunteers to commit to overseeing all three lunch periods from 11:30 to 12:25, however, if you can only make part of that time, please let me know. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0e4fa8ab28a6fc1-lunchroom1

Adult family and college students welcome! If you are able, please consider signing up for a reoccurring time slot each month.

Time Commitment:  Just an hour of your time! 1 thing to know – Nothing will show you what your kid is really like at school than lunch time :).

So, thanks for taking 5 – and next week we’ll look at the Executive Committee.

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