Black Is Beautiful Project Needs You Friday 2/28

Irving School has worked with DivInc to plan immersive activities for the entire school community to enjoy during Black History Month! The last week of the month, February 24th-28th, we are proudly presenting African Heritage Week, which will engage students in highlighting the rich legacies of African Americans to our society.

To culminate our Black History Month and African Heritage Week celebrations, all of our students will be working on a collage project entitled, “Black is Beautiful”, on Friday, February 28th. The finished works will then be displayed throughout the school.

These collages will be created using images taken from predominantly African American publications, such as Essence Magazine, Ebony Magazine, Jet Magazine, and other postitive media portrayals.

We would like to strongly suggest that volunteers who represent a variety of skin tones, (parents, caregivers, and community members), join us in the classroom to help lead the students in this project. The intention is to also help illustrate the diversity and beauty that is the African Diaspora.! This home-school connection will surely be the highlight of the week for our students!

Please review the available slots below for your child’s class and click on the button to sign up.

Knikia Dantzler, a third grade parent and member of DivInc, will be leading this project the day of, and will be coordinating with volunteers. Any questions regarding the project can be directed to her thru email:

Thank you so much for all of your help, and Happy Black History Month!

Please view the SignUp Genius and choose a slot, Only an hour of your time during the day!

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