Take 5 With Your PTO – Adulting & Friendship Addition

Let’s face it – parenting the under 5 crowd can make one lonely for adult conversation. And making friends as an adult can be hard.  And you don’t always want to volunteer helping the kids, you get enough of them at home!

That’s why today we are focusing on the great committees of Trivia Night, Room Parents, Class Baskets and Auction & Parent Parties.  What’s great about these 4 committees is that they all have various commitment levels, and at various times during the year. One of them is bound to fit into your schedule, and will help you get to know other parents by just having fun AND by giving back to our wonderful community.

Trivia Night:

Who They Are: Committee- Kara Sakellaris, Nick Sakellaris, Courntey Sakellaris, Nicole Daniel, Alicia Boddy, and the Biggins family.

What They Do: Organize parents fundraiser trivia contest in November.

  • Nick writes all trivia and MC’s the event.
  • Kara does score keeping, raffles, and money.
  • Daniel, Boddy, and Biggins family DOMINATE donations from community (money, raffle items, food to be served as part of the event).

Time Commitment:  They plan late September and early October-November. Event is early to middle of November.

Additional Thing To Know: Biggins family has secured Fitzgeralds and handled all sign-ups for past 2 years.

Room Parent Coordinator:

Who They Are: Jessica Ocken, Michelle Ahring and Mindy Everett

What They Do: Ensure that each classroom as at least two room parents to help with social and academic events and to serve as a link between the teacher and other parents.

Time Commitment: Much of the recruiting and organizing is done in early part of the school year.  Lots of the work is done via email (either as Room Parent Coordinator or as Room Parent) as you relay messages from the PTO and teachers, or organize class parties, gifts and baskets (see below).

Fun Fair Class Auction Baskets:

Who They Are: Lettie Sullivan and Jessica Royer Ocken co-chairs.

What They Do: Organize parents and teachers to provide donations for class baskets and supervise basket auction during fun fair in February.  (They make sure the classes baskets are collected, and then organize the bid sheets and work they tables during the Fun Fair).

Time Commitment?

  • First of all, Jessica recommends that at least one of the co-chairs also be the room parent co-chair – as you’d already be keeping a database of emails and names of room parents.
  • Work on the baskets should start in January. Next year they’ll have a whole list of basket ideas so that the room parents can utilize what works.
  • Lots of time on email (explaining the baskets, helping them choose themes, giving them instructions and deadlines, and letting them know where to drop off their completed baskets for the Fun Fair.
  • Monitor bidding the day of fun fair – then coordinate who won, payment and pickup.

Jessica’s Additional Thought: “It’s a pretty short-term commitment that’s a good way to get to know people and have fun. The Fun Fair is always a great day, and it was exciting to be there and in the mix of all the action”.

And Finally: Auction and Parent Parties:

Who They Are: Michelle Ahring (Auction and Parent Parties), Kelly Belmont & Jennifer Carizey (Auction)

What They Do: Generate donations, coordinate marketing, and handle sponsor recognition. Lots of opportunities for people who can volunteer any amount of time.  For the Parent Parties: Generate and organize parent parties for the online auction.

Time Commitment: Michelle started looking for committee co-chairs last summer.  Made first fb post asking if anyone wanted to help in the early fall.  Had first meeting in November.  Decided who would be in charge of what and laid out a to-do list.  Once early January hits they are on the ground and running.  It’s a big job made bigger with not-enough-help.  If this committee had 2 more co-chairs it would be ideal.  Michelle spends about 6 to 8 hours a week for 5 weeks on this, myself.

Michelle’s Additional Thought: “I feel proud of the items we’ve gathered and the parent parties we’ve helped create.  It’s incredibly rewarding knowing how much money we are going to be raising for our school.  I love Irving and the community of people that make it up and am honored to give back.”

So if you are looking for a way to meet other parents, and have fun doing non-kid things – reach out to us to get involved! Thanks for reading!

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