It’s Thursday! So Pacers Day!

Pacers is Irving’s very own weekly ‘running club’ when the weather is nice.  The kiddos come out of the school during their lunch/recess time and run around the perimeter of the school [Cuyler to Harvard, Harvard to Ridgeland, Ridgeland to Fillmore, Fillmore to Cuyler and back around].  Three laps around the school equals one mile and a foot charm.

Help us get the kiddos outside and running during lunch/recess.  Running brings many rewarding benefits for kids’ physical, mental and personal development.  It’s also fun and anyone can do it!  If you are available, please consider signing up.

PLEASE NOTE: Pacers can only work if we get volunteers and I need at least eight (8) volunteers. We need 2 more for today, 9/19/19:

Thank you in advance and if you have any questions, please email me at

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