UPDATE on Community Bulletin from River Forest Police

Today (May 8th) at approximately 7:40am, River Forest patrol officers located a subject matching the description in the flyer distributed to our department and our schools.  The subject admitted to speaking to the student in this case, and also admitted to saying hello to a student en route to school today.  The subject has lived near the incident location for his entire life and regularly walks in the area. The officers noted that the subject appears to have a medical condition which affects his speech and physical mannerisms, which may explain his suspicious behavior observed by the student.  The subject has no criminal history, and does not appear to pose a risk to children.  The officers advised the subject that it would be best if he does not speak to children on his walks unless he knows the child personally or the family of the child personally.

Please call or email me if you have any questions.

Glen Czernik #148
Crime Prevention/School Resource Officer
River Forest Police Department

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