Fun Fair & Auction Need You to Succeed!


February 22 is the BIG DAY! Irving is the place to be! This is our biggest fundraising day of the year and we need a little help from everyone to make it a huge success! Help set up for the day, help for a bit during the day, or help after to finish up. We can’t do it without you! If you give just one hour of your time to school activities this year, this is a great day to help! Here is a summary of what’s going on:

Please offer an hour or so of your time to set up games, work at the game stations, take down the games in the gym at the end of the Fun Fair, or to assist with food sales in the lunchroom. This is a great way for older students to help out. Sign up here or email

The silent auction is our biggest PTO fundraiser. Volunteers help set up items the night before, walk the hallway to make sure things go well during the auction, and assist with check out for those paying. Sign up here or email

Oh, Bakers and Buyers of Baked Goods – we need you to bake or buy cakes, cupcakes, bars, cookies or pies for the cakewalk! Thanks ever so! Sign up here or email


Are you ready to party, Irving?
New to the auction this year we are selling tickets to parties hosted by teachers and parents. The parties can be for kids or adults. Here is a sneak peak of some of the fun parties that Irving students can participate in! We hope parents offer to host parties as well as our amazing Irving staff! Think of hosting a themed dinner party at your house, or a game night for grown-ups, or share a hobby. We have such a great community so this should be a ton of fun! Details and the sign-up form are in this document.

What’s an auction without donations?!
The silent auction is our biggest PTO fundraiser. To make this event a success we need help with donations. Feel free to contact if you have anything to donate. We need all donations by February 13, 2014.

What’s a bingo game without prizes?!
House Cleaning? The Fun Fair Committee is looking for new items to be used for Bingo Prizes. Small Items such as fast food toys, party favors, noisemakers, promotional items, small books/coloring books, new items laying around the house that are not being used by your children would be perfect Bingo Prizes. Drop off your items in the school’s Front Office, or bring them to the lunchroom the morning of the Fun Fair.

Raffle Prizes!
If you have, or know someone that has, a business that would like to donate a prize for the Fun Fair Raffle or Grand Prize drawing, we are looking for those items as well. Anything from small to large electronics items to Gift Certificates would be tremendous and they will receive heaps of exposure and gratitude from the Irving School Family. Contact



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