Irving Schoolyard Project at Whole Foods – THURSDAY NOVEMBER 1st ONLY!

On Thursday, November 1 Whole Foods is donating 5% of sales to the Irving Schoolyard Project.   To support the Irving Schoolyard Project over 30 District 97 teachers and staff throughout Oak Park are helping with a scavenger hunt at Whole Foods Market in River Forest on that day!   To help out, teachers and staff from all District 97 schools volunteered to have their pictures placed in Whole Foods near their favorite food.  You can find them!
Go on a scavenger hunt to find them while also shopping to help the ISP!  5% of your purchase that day goes to helping improve the schoolyard.  Get the full list of teachers when you come in the door to shop, write down their favorite food when you find their picture, and maybe buy that food too! Get entered in a raffle after checking out to win a gift card from Whole Foods Market.
Parents:  please consider stocking your fridge with meat, taking your family over for dinner, or buying wine and beer for the holidays.  It’s the day after Halloween, so think healthy snacks for your children after all that candy.  If time is an issue, please consider using their personal shopper (fee waived this day).  All you do is place an order at least 48 hours in advance by emailing or calling 708.366.1045 (ask for Concierge Lauren) and then pick up your fulfilled order that day at a time specified by YOU!
So head out to Whole Foods Market in River Forest on Thursday November 1 to help raise funds for the Irving Schoolyard Project.   Thank you to Whole Foods for it’s generous support of the Irving Schoolyard Project.

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