Sustainable Teachers Network (STN)

Seven Generations Ahead regarding the Sustainable Teachers Network (STN) that has been formed under the sustainability plan for OPRF called PlanItGreen. Currently, the STN is planning a lecture and networking series focusing on sustainability curriculum, geared toward OPRF teachers, called GreenEd (flyer attached).

In advertising GreenEd and getting the word out about the progress of the STN, we’re looking for an individual liaison at every school in Oak Park and River Forest. The sole responsibility of this person would be to distribute flyers and outreach material regarding STN events. We want to ensure that every school in OPRF receives outreach materials about STN events.

Here is what I’m asking of you: If you are interested in becoming the STN liaison for your school (or know someone the STN can reach out to ask if they’re interested), please reply to me with your name, school and grade level by Friday August 31. We need your help advertising GreenEd so the sooner you reply the better!

Also: The STN is trying to round out the STN committee with a variety of teachers from across OPRF, and are specifically looking for high school representation. The responsibility of a committee member is to attend monthly meetings discussing event planning and outreach. Responsibilities will vary due to individual availability, as well as time of year. Please reply to this email if you’re an interested high school teacher.

Thank you for your time and help. And of course, if you’re an OPRF teacher you’re invited to participate in GreenEd starting September 18 at the Marion Street Cheese Market!

Erin McMillan
Program Associate

Seven Generations Ahead
642 S Lombard Avenue | Oak Park, IL | 60304
office (708) 660-9909 x4

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