Irving Staff -v- Parents Softball Game

What:  Cheer on your favorite team, or play to win!

When:  Friday, May 25, 6:00-8:00pm

Where: Irving School blacktop, corner of Ridgeland and Harvard

Details: 16 inch softball, no gloves (women can use gloves if they choose). If you have a good bat to share, please bring it.

Bring your dinner, lawn chairs and picnic supplies to watch the game with family and friends. We’ll even have a couple of grills so people can grill out what they bring. Then around 9:00pm we’ll all meet up again at the Friendly Tap (6733 Roosevelt Road, just east of Oak Park Ave.) to hear Mr. Williams’ band and to hang out some more ($5 cover charge).

If you’re interested in being on the parent team, please email Jassen Strokosch ( Nick Sakelleris is managing the staff team.

Hope you can join the fun for this awesome event!


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