End of the Year & Retirement BBQ

This year’s End of the Year BBQ is in honor of our beloved outgoing Irving Principal, John Hodge. Please help us celebrate with food, music and lots of fun!

Each ticket is $1 and here’s what the tickets will get you:

Drinks: 1 ticket / Chips: 1 ticket / Fruit Snacks: 1 ticket for 2 / Cheeseburger: 4 tickets / Hamburger: 3 tickets / Hot dog: 2 tickets / Brat: 3 tickets / Veggie Burgers: 3 tickets / Pizza: 2 tickets / Sweet Treats: 2 tickets OR 2 for 3 tickets!

All proceeds benefit the Irving Eagles Class of 2023 (rising 5th graders)! If you’re able to help out with the event, please sign up here – we can use all the hands we can get for this big celebration!

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