Irving Fun Fair & Carnival!

Come One, Come All — The Irving Fun Fair and Carnival is THIS SATURDAY, May 14!!

Here is the Who, When, Where, What, and How about the Irving Carnival! 

WHO: You! Bring your friends and family. All are welcome! Throughout the entire carnival, headphones will be available for attendees sensitive to noise and modifications will be available for many games so that kids of all abilities can play. We could use more volunteers, more baked items, and more donated supplies. Click each of the links to help: volunteersbakerssupplies

WHEN: The Carnival is Saturday, May 14. The sensory friendly hour will be from 1-2 p.m., where attendees can expect no music and less stimuli. The carnival music and full games and activities run from 2-4 p.m. (Bring Cash! Read more below…)

WHERE: Outdoors at Irving! Activities will be set up all around the outside perimeter of the school at 1125 S. Cuyler.

WHAT: We will have Bingo, Candy Art, Cotton Candy, Dancing for Desserts, DJ Games, Drinks, Glitter Tattoos, an Obstacle Course, a Photobooth, Pizza, Popcorn, Prizes, Sand Art, a Silent Auction and Baskets for Raffle, Traditional Carnival Games, and the Candycopia Wagon! Carnival games include: Bean bags, Boulder roller, Coin toss, Disk drop game, Go for Gold, Knock em down, Ladder ball, Pig racers, Pling plong, Potty toss, Putt putt, Raffle, Ring toss, Skeeball, Slapshot hockey, Spinning Wheel, Sucker Pull, and Yahtzee. 

HOW: All of the traditional carnival games, DJ Games, and the obstacle course are free! 

Other items will cost tickets as follows: Bingo (1 Ticket), Candy Art (3 Tickets), Cotton Candy (1 Ticket), Dancing for Desserts (1 Ticket each), Drinks (1 Ticket each), Glitter Tattoos (1 Ticket) each, a Photobooth (2 Tickets), Pizza (2 Tickets), Popcorn (1 Ticket), Sand Art (4 Tickets), Candycopia Items (3 Tickets or 5 Tickets), and Baskets for Raffle (1 Ticket per entry). Tickets are $1/each or $20 for 25 tickets. Tickets will be sold at Irving drop off and pick up on Thursday and Friday. Or, you can buy tickets onsite the day of the Fun Fair. CASH ONLY.

Note: The silent auction for class baskets will be conducted with written bids, and winners will need to pay by cash or check, if possible. Payment by Square on the Irving PTO site will also be possible, but payment must be made before winners can take their baskets. Candycopia will bring a credit card swipe for some items to purchase. 

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