GS Project – PRIDE and Acceptance Signs for Window Scavenger Hunt

Dear Irving Families,

This year our 5th grade Troop 43058 of Irving Girl Scout Juniors have been working on their Bronze Award project, a service project that gives back to the community. Our girls chose to work on LGBTQ+ awareness, acceptance and anti-bullying with a sub-focus on being yourself no matter what. We leaders have supported our girls fully in this project.
We had plans to bring you an awareness week during the school year but once again the Coronavirus got in the way. However, in our most recent Zoom meetings, the girls decided that they would create window signs/coloring pages for our Irving community to color in and put up in their windows/doors for the month of June – Pride month. We will also be creating permanent signs for Irving’s hallways but those will wait until the Fall.
We would love to have your support of our Bronze Award project. Would you please print out one of our signs and color them in and place them in your windows? If you cannot print them out, would you create a rainbow image maybe with some of our words – You Belong, Be Proud of Who You Are, Be Yourself Everyone Else is Taken, and (my favorite) Love Yourself in Every Color! Thank you for your support. Please share our message, share a picture to the Irving Parent page on Facebook or any social media platform or just share these words with your children, they are even more important now.
Have a wonderful summer. These now 6th grade Cadettes will come back to Irving in the Fall!
Best regards,
Lauren VanderBerg
Karrie Talbert
Alex Ryan
Laura Reeb
GS Troop 43058 Leaders

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