Distance Learning Week of 3/30


While we follow the “shelter in place” guidelines, the week of March 30th will continue as remote learning (e-learning) to provide the continuation of learning in students’ coursework in homes without interruption, with both digital and non-digital items.  Please frequently check your homeroom teacher’s communication method (such as email, blog, or website) for these lesson plans.

In addition, on the Irving District 97 website families can find links to grade level information, special area assignments (PE, Art, Music, Library, & FLESS), and intervention plans.

We will keep asking students to “check in” each day on the Google Form.  This isn’t to enter attendance in PowerSchool, but will give us a good idea of the number of families able to take advantage of e-learning opportunities.



Since K, 1st, and 2nd grade students do not have school issued devices, each team will have a printable version of work available at the district office.  If families are interested in this packet, please let John and Susan know and we will send a total count to the district office and let you know a pick up date.


And don’t forget – the latest information can be found here: https://www.op97.org/updatecenter/index

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