Getting Involved At Irving!

Curious about the various ways to get involved and feeling like you aren’t really ready to jump all of the way with the PTO? Helping out with some of our smaller projects and events is a great way to dip your toes in and check us out!

And with the new year, and with the holidays over – admit it – you want to! Some great upcoming ways to pitch in:

  • Irving DivInc: Next Meeting is on 1/14/2020 and we are planning The Valentine’s Day Loved Ones Dance.
  • Fun Fair is coming February 2/22/2020!
    • Class Baskets: Organize parents and teachers to provide donations for class baskets and supervise basket auction during fun fair.
    • Fun Fair Teacher Parties: Organize teacher and staff donations to silent auction and supervise bids during fun fair. Contact Lauren VanderBerg for more information.
  • Right after the Fun Fair, the super fun Online Auction and Parent Parties launches. Like talking to local businesses? Want to organize a party that the PTO will sell tickets to? Contact Michelle Ahring. 

Don’t forget! Details on all of our activities can be found on the Getting Involved page.

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