Gender and Inclusion Training – First one 11/5!

All parents/grandparents/caregivers are welcome (and encouraged) to attend our upcoming gender and inclusion training. Childcare will be available, and parents can rsvp here, especially if you need childcare so we can ensure adequate caregivers are provided:

The trainings are presented by the PTO and DivInc. Our purpose is to support our community members with transgender and gender-expansive children (children who do not feel like they are the gender they were assigned at birth, who do not want to dress or act in ways that are typical with their assigned gender) and promote a culture shift at Irving towards gender inclusiveness.

Earlier this school year, teachers completed a two-part training. They have had positive feedback regarding those trainings, and I encourage parents to ask their children’s teachers about those personally.

Thanks for your support in this endeavor, and ensuring our community continually does better by our students. Thank you for showing up to do the work.


Marisa Martinez


Gender_Inclusion flyer FINAL

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