Irving Elementary Gender Inclusion Initiative

Our goal is to support families with transgender and gender-expansive children (children who do not feel like they are the gender they were assigned at birth, who do not want to dress or act in ways that are typical with their assigned gender) and promote a culture shift at Irving towards gender inclusiveness.

With the administration’s and Diversity and Inclusion Committee’s support, Irving
Elementary School is partnering with LGBTQ+ equity organizations to create a
more inclusive community.

If you would like to be a part of this initiative, or have any comments or questions,
please contact Marisa Martinez at, via the anonymous survey or Div Inc mailbox in the school office. We respect your privacy.

Details on the training included below, and in our calendar as well for both 10/8 session and the 11/5 session.  Parent/caregiver trainings are located in the school auditorium. Childcare provided. Attendees are encouraged, though not required, to attend both sessions. Please RSVP here.

Gender and inclusion initiative

Gender and inclusion flyer

And learn more about our presenter, Biz Lindsey-Ryan, here.

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