Message from your Irving PTO Communications Team!!

Email and Website updates for YOU! 
Attention Irving Family;
We want to help get your word out to everyone so we have created a simple system for you to follow so we can be sure your message, event, activity or notice is posted for all of Irving to see in time. Please follow the following process when submitting your notice/request and we will be sure to get it on both the website and our update email, by your deadline date.
Thanks everyone for your continued help and cooperation. 
Steps to submit a notice or announcement for both Irving PTO lis serve and PTO Website:
1. Prepare email to
2. Include- Who, What, Where and When (and a little background if you like) of what you want/need posted. Please be sure to include a DEADLINE DATE you would like for posting to go on website and be sent via our update email.
3. You may create the wording of your posting or we can help you with that so be sure your message is clear when you create the above info.
4. Send your message to
5. Look for your message to pop up by the deadline you’ve indicated.
That’s IT! 
We hope this helps keep everything organized (for you as well as us) and prevents messages from going out too late or too early.
Bear in mind we will have 2 email updates that go out weekly (and also update the website at the same time) with your messages and any other important info/news for you so please try your best to adhere to our deadlines so everyone’s messages can be sent out in a timely manner.
Deadlines for posting to website and update email: 
Sunday evenings no later than 5 p.m. – If your note is received by this time, it will go out or be posted on website the next day (Monday) during the afternoon/evening.
Tuesday evening no later than 5 p.m. – if your note is received by this time, it will go out or be posted on website the next day (Wednesday) during the afternoon/evening.
We do understand sometimes things come up and emergencies arise so rest assure we can certainly make exceptions as nothing is laid out in stone but this process will help keep us and your notices in order. It also helps that we don’t spam you while we’re just trying to keep everyone informed.
Should you ever have any questions or concerns about anything on the website or sent to your mailbox, please feel free to communicate with any one of our board members, (emails here), send an email to or show up to a meeting. We welcome everyone to attend and we are always happy to hear suggestions or questions should they arise.
Thanks again for your support of the Irving PTO and have a great day!
Irving PTO Communications

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