Flowers Blooming at the Irving School Spirit Store

News flash!  Spring is here, spring is here!  Come look at all the flowers blooming by our school spirit store.  Irving’s student Health and Wellness Committee (HAWC) has challenged all students and staff to try one healthy habit for 3 weeks (until Spring break).  All the habits are written on flower petals, stems and leaves to brighten our school and to challenge the winter snow and cold.

Ask your child which habit they’re trying.  Maybe you want to try something too, or do it as a family.  Read our walls for ideas:  get more sleep, eat vegetables, drink water, walk to school, brush teeth twice daily, less screen time before bed, etc.  The students have been very creative.   And who knows, maybe some of our habits will become permanent!!

And remember-  you saw spring flowers HERE first!!

Tehra Hiolski
General Music Irving

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