Bone Marrow Registry Table at Cookie Crumble

You may have seen the signs at school about Ben, my 13-year old nephew who is battling leukemia. He’s an active, intelligent, and thoughtful 8th grader living in Chicago. He hasn’t been to school at all this Fall. He’s too sick (tutors visit the house, but it’s hard for him). He is in need of a bone marrow transplant and his situation is critical. Join the bone marrow transplant registry and help us find a donor match for him on Saturday at the Cookie Crumble.
We will have a table there with more information. You can get swabbed and everything! I know what it’s like to have children under tow, some of whom may be cranky, tired, overly excited, etc. (my 3 kids? ugh!), while you attempt to find something out or fill out a form so please read up early if you can at If you end up being a match for someone (only 1 in 540 people are ever contacted once on the registry), it is NOTHING like donating an organ. It’s a relatively simple procedure and your body automatically regenerates new marrow. Questions? call 312-218-8058

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