Holiday Food and Gift Basket Program


September 2013

Dear Irving Parents and Guardians,

It is time once again for those who qualify to sign up for the Holiday Food and Gift Basket Program (HFGB). This program provides families who reside in Oak Park and River Forest with a gift card for food around Thanksgiving time and gifts during the December holiday season.

The criteria used to determine who qualifies for HFGB are similar to the guidelines set up by the federal government for free/reduced school lunch. In addition, all applicants must be part of the Irving community (if this is no longer the case the social worker must be familiar with you). If you know of a non-Irving resident who may want to apply, the social worker can direct them to other community locations.

If you are the head of your household and want to apply for this program please contact Kila Bell-Bey at the Irving Social Work office. Scheduling an appointment is the easiest way to ensure that your application gets completed and turned in on time. Stop by or call 708-524-5630. You may also leave a message at 708-524-5830 ext. 6150. I look forward to seeing you and I promise it will be a quick process!

All applications must be completed in a face to face meeting with the social worker by Friday October 18, 2013! Only one application is allowed per household/family and the applicant must sign off as the head of household!

Kila Bell-Bey, MSW
Washington Irving Elementary School Social Worker/D97 Oak Park
708-524-5630 (office)
708-524-5830 ext. 6150 (voicemail)
708-524-3090 (main office)

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