AFSP Community Walk

Michael Pikowski, the parent of two current Julian students, died by suicide on January 30, 2013. Michael had an Oak Park based bookkeeping business, he was very involved in the community and he was the PTO Treasurer for Longfellow. On Saturday, October 26 his wife (Jennifer), daughter (Celia) and son (Samuel) will walk in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) community walk in his honor. Michael struggled with depression most of his life; he tried to find medications that worked and went to therapy on and off for years. He was frustrated with the lack of support from insurance and the lack of knowledge in the medical field. His mental illness was the source of severe levels of shame and anger.

AFSP funds research to help find solutions for people who struggle with all types of mental illness and they are working to remove the stigmas and dispel the shame. The Pikowskis need donations to help support the foundation and to help the cause. All donations are 100% tax deductible. Links to both of Michael’s children’s donation pages are included below. Any donation will help and is greatly appreciated. Let’s bring light to this darkness.

Thanks for your consideration.

The Pikowskis.

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