Irving Spring Book Fair

April 22 – 25 in the Auditorium – –  every day at dismissal until 6:30 pm

Our goal is to sell 1,300 books this year!  All items purchase will help support the Library and Media Center.

**Stock up on summer reading

**Find some year-end gifts for teachers and/or staff

**Think of all those birthday parties coming up in May and June!!!!

We need your help!  Please consider volunteering your time either during school (for classroom visits) or after school.  Use the attached Sign Up link.

Can’t make it to the Book Fair?? No worries!!  Information will be sent out about our online Book Fair!!  Stay tuned!

Thank you for all your support!

The Book Fair team – Jane Brock, Talley Hann, Stephanie Hartman, Tracy Naber, Gina Sigismondi, Abigail Silva, Liz Wojcik


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