Seeking Nominations for PTO Board Positions

Do you have a strong interest in what’s going on at Irving? Would you like to help guide the activities that take place and give input on how resources are allocated? Have you thought about joining the PTO Executive Board? You should!

We have 3 PTO Executive Board postions coming open at the end of this school year: Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Terms are for 2 years beginning May 23, 2013. The time commitment varies depending on the role, but it’s generally minimal. PTO board meetings are once a month during the school year and times vary to fit schedules. Most activity occurs via email, where board members weigh in on whatever issue is at hand.

Take a look at our current By-Laws and the About Us page on our website.

Please join us in giving a huge round of applause to our outgoing board members: Tom Purrenhage, Bharathi Jayaram and Barbara Hoffman!

Nominations for new board members will be made at the April 4 general meeting, and voting will take place at the May 2 general meeting. Nominations may also be made at the May 2 meeting. Nominations may be done in person or in writing from now until May 2. You may nominate yourself or another person.

If you’re interested in learning more about a certain position or making a nomination, please email Laura Crawford ( or any of the others listed on the About Us page.

Thanks for your consideration of this fun, and important, volunteer position!

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