Rainbows will begin next month

Dear Irving Parents/Caregivers,

When something traumatic happens in a family the entire unit is affected.  Death, divorce, separation, and other forms of loss are not just adult concerns.  Like adults, it is possible for children to experience grief in stages.  Due to the developmental process, the signs do not look the same.

Washington Irving Elementary School is proud to announce the return of the Rainbows Support Group for Children.  Meetings with a trained facilitator are scheduled to begin during the lunch hour in late February 2013.  Rainbows has a 12-week curriculum with a celebration at the end.

            Rainbows is NOT therapy.  It is a support group that allows children the opportunity to bond and share in a small, private setting outside of the classroom.  Activities include discussion about age-appropriate literature, arts and crafts, personal journal entries, etc.  Groups will be organized according to grade level and there is LIMITED space.  Please complete and return the permission slip on page two of this document by Friday Feb. 8th, 2013.  Permission slips will be honored on a first-come first-served basis.  Once 10-15 forms have been accepted no other slips will be taken. 

Kila Bell-Bey, MSW                         Lillian Aldawoodi

Irving School Social Worker          Irving Psychology Intern

708-524-5830 ext. 6150               708-524-3090

kbell-bey@op97.org                      laldawoodi@op97.org


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