Summer Reading Incentive

Irving kids love to read!  That’s why we are taking a page from Scholastic and getting involved in the Global Literacy Campaign.  Have you ever wondered which books helped shape the lives of your favorite stars?  Do you have books that have meant a lot in your life?  Take part in Irving’s Summer Reading Incentive and share your favorite books with us!

Take a look at to see what people all over are saying about reading.  Read through the Reading Bill of Rights and check out celebrities “bookprints.”  Did you know that Tony Hawk really liked the book Green Eggs and Ham?  Or that Taylor Swift loves Charlotte’s Web?  After you’ve checked out the site you can make your own bookprint or add your own recommendations.

Then share your favorite books with us.  Create a bookprint poster of five books that mean a lot to you.  Bring your poster back to school in the fall and we will display it for the whole school to see! Check out the examples that we attached to this sheet.  Be sure to include your name and your teacher’s name on your poster.

Remember to read all summer long.  You can read in the car, on the beach, in your room, at the pool or on a plane.  You can read anywhere!  Enjoy the summer, and we will see you in the fall!  Questions?  Contact Mrs. Chinn


Irving Reading Committee


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