Letter from Principal Hodge – ISAT Week

Dear Irving Families:

Beginning Tuesday, March 6th through Friday, March 9th children in grades 3, 4, and 5 will be taking the Illinois Standards Achievement Tests (ISAT).  These tests measure student performance as it relates to the Illinois Learning Standards and classroom curriculum.  All public school children across the state are required to participate in the ISAT testing program.  ISAT is used as a means for program assessment for our school and is one of several measures for determining individual student achievement.

District 97 is required by state and federal law to administer the ISAT test to all students in grades three through eight during the designated two-week testing window. This year, the testing window will take place March 5-16, 2012. The law also states that any student in those grades who is absent during the testing window, but returns to school before testing is completed, must be administered a make-up test.

In addition, state law requires that scores received on state assessment tests administered in the elementary grade levels (K-8) must be maintained in a student’s temporary record.

Irving’s testing schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, March 6th through Friday, March 9th  – Testing begins at 8:30 a.m.

Monday, March 12th through Friday, March 16th  – Make-up Testing

Parents, please assist your child in being prepared for testing.  Eating breakfast and being well-rested will help your student to do his or her best.  Discussing the importance of the test while minimizing any anxieties your child may be feeling is helpful as well.  These steps will support our collective efforts for having each child achieve the best possible results.


John Hodge, Principal

You can also see the letter here.

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