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Parent List Logo Header-01The Parent List is a PTO supported platform where parents may read and anonymously write positive reviews regarding local support services that have been successful in handling childhood developmental, emotional, learning and health issues.

Topics reviewed by parents on The Parent List can include dyslexia, divorce, autism spectrum, ADD/ADHD, social, anxiety, depression, grief, relocation and more.

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*In no way does Oak Park District 97 endorse or recommend any specific provider reviewed on The Parent List. The Parent List is a subjective forum set up by the Irving PTO for your convenience. Parents and guardians are solely responsible for deciding to use any of the service providers on The Parent List in any capacity, and Oak Park District 97 and the Irving PTO disclaim all liability for any damages, injuries, losses, expenses, or claims of any kind arising out of the provision of services by anyone or any agency appearing on The Parent List.