The Irving Online Craft Fair & Auction

Calling All Artists, Crafters & Skilled Irving Community Members (past and present)

Event Dates: Sunday, November 29th-Saturday, December 5th.

Donate something you’ve created or a skill that can be offered social-distanced.

Ideas:  A piece of art, a delicious and unique meal, Crocheted item, Needle Point, Hand-crafted Soaps or bath bomb set, Handmade Stationary, 2 hours of landscaping, Signed copy of your book, etc..

Entries needed no later than November 16th

What we need from donors:

Name of Item

Good picture of Item

One sentence description of item.

We set the price, but your suggestions are valued.

Phone & Email

**Donors will deliver the item to the winner/purchaser post-auction, no later than Wednesday, Dec. 9th.​​​**

Email   with questions and entries

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