Irving PTO Needs Assessment Survey: How Can We Help You?

In the Spring of 2020, when Oak Park went into a Shelter In Place, the Irving PTO shifted from an organization that primarily focused on children’s activities to one of community support during these difficult times. Since we changed direction, we have given out over $10K in gift cards for basic needs and food to Irving families and staff. Looking forward to fall, we recognize that the pandemic continues to affect many of our community members in various ways. Adding to that, the remote learning plan for the first trimester may increase stress in other areas for families and we know that for many it will be difficult to pull off alone. Thus, we are looking to be proactive and are asking Irving families to think honestly about what their needs for the fall might be. After collecting this data, we will then start assessing the community in terms of resources that they can offer. This might come in many forms: financial, goods, clothing, time, school supplies, etc. It will be based directly off of this needs assessment. Our hope is that we can use this to come together as a community and help each other get through these difficult times.

Please note, that participation in this is completely voluntary, both for those requesting services and for those that are offering resources. The school district is not involved in this venture and therefore has no liability. The PTO is only serving as an organizational force, and also assumes no liability. That said, we are committed to doing our best as volunteers to make things work for all of our families. Your name is required so that we can match you up with resources. The only individuals with access to this survey are the PTO co-presidents, Stacey Belmont and Lauren VanderBerg, and the treasurers, Vanessa Izar-McFadden, and Beata Rzucidlo. We are committed to holding your information in confidentiality.

Please fill out the survey below, indicating any needs you might have. Also, we have heard that the school district will be providing students with technology. Thus, we are not including technology needs on this survey, as they are already being offered. Furthermore, at this time, we cannot offer childcare services, but please know that the district is heavily pursuing this as part of their support of families. Please reach out to the district if you have childcare needs.

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