Summer Math Incentive!


There is still time for your child to participate in the Irving Summer Math Incentive!!! All Irving students who complete at least one activity per week plus a Friday Fact Fluency activity will earn entrance to a pool party on August 14th at Rehm Pool.

If you haven’t done so already, sign up your child at You should receive an email each day with a new math activity.

If you are not receiving the emails, but have already signed your child up for the program, simply go to the Quantiles website and click on “Summer Math Challenge.” You’ll be directed to your child’s activities by week.

Each week, return to the Quantiles Summer Math Challenge Website to check off that your child has completed Irving’s required activities (a total of 6 activities + 6 fact fluencies-you can complete 2 per week if you are behind) for the week.

Note: If your child is a kindergartner, sign him or her up as a 1st grader and then select “My child struggles with math at grade level.” Your child will then be placed in kindergarten-level material.

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