FYI from the Fun Fair Team:

Saturday at the Fun Fair, Pie In The Face and the staff performance in the auditorium will be different than in years past, so PLEASE note:

This year there will be raffle tickets sold at the Fun Fair for a dollar a piece for two different very exciting things:

1.    A chance to throw a pie in an Irving staff member’s face. If you win the raffle, you get to pick a name out of a hat of which staff member you will throw a pie at. It could be Mr. Hodge, Mrs. Sak, Mrs. Pelling, Mrs. Kontos, Ms. Robinson, Ms. Sakamoto, Ms. Noonan, Mrs. Solomon, or Mr. Sak.

2.    A chance to lead and choreograph these same Irving staff members and Mr. Hodge in a workout or dance on stage in the auditorium

*Only current Irving students can buy these raffle tickets
*Both the Pie in the Face and the staff dance will take place at the end of the Fun Fair so you have to be there at 2:30 to win and participate!

Today in class you will watch a video about “Eagleography” so you can learn more about the staff performance at the Fun Fair and see if you would be interested in getting on stage with the staff and leading them in a workout or a dance!!

*Please be aware that if you are interested in leading the teachers in their dance or workout, you have to be comfortable doing it in front of a full audience in our auditorium. There will be three different current Irving students chosen for this. The dance or workout will last for about 30-45 seconds each.

** We hope you will all be at the Fun Fair and buy raffle tickets for these two very exciting events. Remember, the more raffle tickets you buy, the better chance you have of winning!!

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