Traffic Concerns at Irving School

Dear Irving Families,


I understand and appreciate that snow and cold temperatures create a variety of challenges for all us, especially when traveling to and from school. However, I am writing to remind everyone that parking on the west side of the Cuyler in front of the building is prohibited. This space is specifically reserved for loading and unloading our buses.

When other vehicles occupy this space, it poses a serious safety risk for our students, staff, parents/guardians and neighbors. In addition, the Oak Park Police Department has informed us that vehicles that are illegally parked in this area moving forward will be ticketed.  

We ask that you please adhere to the parking guidelines that have been established by the Village of Oak Park in cooperation with our school and the district. These guidelines are as follows:

1. There are no parking restrictions on Cuyler, (from Garfield to Roosevelt) except for the loading zone for the buses that is located in front of the school. There are also no parking restrictions on Ridgeland (from Harvard to Roosevelt).

2.  Do not stop in the middle of Cuyler to drop off students.  This causes traffic congestion and is not safe for students.

3. To ease congestion on Cuyler, we recommend carpooling and public transportation. We also ask that you avoid taking up every spot on the block as a courtesy to the neighbors who live directly across the street from the school. If you see that there are only one or two spaces left on the block, please consider driving to the next block on Cuyler or to Ridgeland.

4. Please make sure you check all of the posted signage on streets surrounding the school before parking your vehicle. For example, Ridgeland is a no parking zone in the winter when the snow is more than two inches deep.

5. When snow is in the forecast, we recommend calling the Village’s parking hotline at 708-358-7275 and pressing “1” for a message regarding snow parking bans. These messages are updated on a daily basis at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. when it is snowing.

Additionally, obey stop signs at intersections near the school.  I have asked for the support of the Oak Park Police Department with this matter as well.  I would hate for an Irving parent to get a ticket, but the safety of our students is my first priority.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about this issue.

John Hodge

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