Olympic Day Volunteers Needed

It’s that time of the year again, Olympic Day!

My name is Josh Hancock and I’m the PE teacher here at Irving. I also am the organizer for our Olympic Day.

Olympic Day will be held on Friday, May 22nd!

For this great event to be possible, we need volunteers! And this is where you come in. Unfortunately we only have a handful of teachers who are free to help out due to other school day obligations, so we rely heavily on parent help for this event. This year it’s going to be on Friday May 24th. There is a morning session (grades K-2) that goes from 7:45-11:15 or an afternoon session (grades 3-5) that is from 12:15-3:00. You can choose to work one or both.

Volunteers are placed at one of the 13 stations around the school. As classes come to your station, you just have to explain and facilitate the activity. The classroom teachers and assistants will also help you out. So come on out and help Irving have another great Olympic Day! Plus, you’ll have the chance to get some fresh air and hopefully some sun!

Please email me at jhancock@op97.org if you can help out and what session you can work. Thanks again in advance for all that you guys do for this school. Without you Olympic Day wouldn’t be possible!

-Josh Hancock

Irving PE Teacher

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