PTO October Meeting Minutes

Irving School PTO October 2, 2014 6:30PM
Irving Media Center/Library

Welcome and Introductions

Principal’s Report

  1. Mr. Hodge did not report on ISAT scores as he usually does in October because he did not receive the District report. He is requesting it from the Teaching and Learning Department.
  2. ISAT packets going home with students tomorrow. Information from the Board of Education meeting last week discussing D97 student progress can be found in the Student Performance Report in District packet online. There is still an achievement gap between African American and Caucasian students.
  3. The president of the NEA visited Irving (and Julian) on 9/23 as part of her back-to-school tour. She expressed how well the building was maintained and how impressed she was that we have a school nurse. She can be reached at lily@nea. Her blog post mentioning her visit can be found at tour/.
  4. 10/10 – Teacher Institute Day
  5. 10-16 – Family Math Night
  6. 10-29 Rotary Club visit/gift of dictionaries to 3rd graders
  7. There is a problem with goal posts at end of field. Two windows were broken at house

    next to the field. Two new poles and net that will go up above poles are being installed to

    prevent further incidents. Trees need to be removed to do this.

  8. Mr. Hodge and teachers have participated in the Research for Better Teaching Conference

    for the last few years. Superintendent so impressed that he brought workshop to District. District would like to have a parent group on 10/18, 11/15, and 1/31, 9am – 11 am. Mr. Hodge is looking for two parents to represent Irving. Topics will include developing and nurturing a growth mindset, talking to your child about effective effort, and other ways to nurture a growth mindset.

  9. From District Communications Director Chris Jasculca: every district supposed to have parent-teacher advisory board, with five or so people from all of the schools to focus on notifications, policy revisions, etc.
  1. 10/8 – Committee for Legislative Action, Intervention and Monitoring (CLAIM) presentation at Julian to talk about state funding and a senate bill (16) that could effect funding for Oak Park. (SEE ATTACHMENT). Laura Crawford shared that Oak Park is slated to lose as much as $5-6 million. Our local reps have voted present on bill. CLAIM committee suggests we call reps and ask them to put breaks on this. SB 16.
  2. 10/28 – Internet Safety Program for parents/guardians (SEE ATTACHMENT)
  1. Treasurer’s Report (SEE ATTACHMENT)
  2. Communications Update
    Deadlines for getting information/message out are: Friday at 4:00 and Tuesday at 4:00 (message sent out the next day). Thank you to Laura Crawford for setting up Mail Chimp (listserv). If you have any trouble viewing images, etc. contact PTO Vice President of Communications Carmen Rivera. Information will stay up until event passes. Check your junk or spam folder if you are not receiving email updates.
    Irving website calendar mirrors D97, but we can add more. Looking at reports that show how many people are looking at messages. Messages will repeat until event passes. Carmen reminded everyone that standard operating procedures are a work in progress.
    Julie Chyna is handling social media (Irving Parents Facebook page). Carmen may set up a Twitter account.
    Lori McConnell shared the new PTO logo.
  3. Fundraising Updates
    10/27 – Fun Run. Laura Crawford reported that we h ave MCs and are looking for someone to wear the Eagle costume. Marketing will ramp up in the next few weeks. We have raised about 15% of goal so far online. $30 individual goal.
    Trivia Night Update from Gloria Cockerill (SEE ATTACHMENT).
    Lori McConnell reported that the 5th grade is going to have a Poppin’ on the Patio fundraiser to sell popcorn and drinks that were left over from the rained out pizza party.
  4. Garden Shed Update
    Doug Chinn and Tom Bassett-Dilley did a lot of work on this but are currently really busy at work. Siding still needs to be cut on one side. Also, still need to finish the stucco. It is usable, empty, and will be good to go.

VII. Garden Group Update
Hilary Klein reported that we have volunteers but are looking for a leader. Hope to do some projects this fall.

VIII. Present Revised By-Laws for Vote (SEE ATTACHMENT)
Newly formatted by-laws based on non-profit best practices, input from professional audit person and other schools’ PTO by-laws. Sinead Aylward raised issue of whether we have records retention policies. Laura Crawford said that those policies are covered in the Finances section of the By-Laws.
Revised By-Laws APPROVED.

  1. Approve Meeting Minutes from September APPROVED.
  2. All Other Business
    1. November date for PTO meeting is Wednesday, 11/5.
    2. Tree removal on 10/10 (see principal’s report)
    3. Pacers could use volunteer help tomorrow at lunch.
    4. PTO Meeting childcare – Felicia Thompson has classroom experience and has

      agreed to provide childcare every month.

Meeting Agenda
Sept 4, 2014 Meeting Minutes Irving PTO By-Laws

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