Irving Pacers Are Back

Dear Irving Parents and Guardians,

We are excited to announce that the Irving Pacers are back! So far we have had two great weeks of Pacers and will continue to run every Friday until November 14. We are looking for parent volunteers to help out. You can sign up via this link.

Irving Pacers is a recess activity for students who choose to walk or run around the block. This is an optional activity for the Friday recesses during the fall and spring. Students will carry punch cards and get a punch every time they pass the front door. Three laps around the block is equivalent to 1 mile. For every mile they walk/ run they will receive a foot token to put on a bracelet or necklace. This is a free activity, and all students in all grades are welcome to participate. Students are expected to keep track of their bracelets/ necklaces and bring them on Fridays to add their foot charms. We encourage you to talk with your student about where they want to keep their bracelet and if they want to tape their name on it. If a student loses their bracelet or punch card, they will need to start over with a new bracelet and or punch card.

Weather permitting, we will be offering this activity on the following Fridays: October 3, 17, 31 and November 7 and 14. We will have adults stationed at several spots around the block to supervise and cheer students on. We will also have water cups available in front of the school at the punch station. This is a great activity to promote exercise and wellness.

We are looking for 12 volunteers for each week from 11:05 AM -12:30 PM. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact me at or you can use the signup genius.

Please contact myself or Mr. Hodge if you have questions. Thanks and we look forward to seeing your walkers.


Hannah O’Connor (Irving parent) and John Hodge (Principal)

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