End of Year Dance Info

Dear Parents,

As many of you know, on the last day of school, Tuesday, June 10th, the staff performs an End of the Year Dance. This year there is a twist! There will also be some student participation!

The Performance will begin at 2pm. Please see the staging/seating map attached. This year we will ask that parents sit in the section behind the grade level your students are in. (If you have multiple students, just choose one!) so that you have prime view of your very own young stars! The seating areas will also be marked for your convenience.

In case of rain, the dance will be in the upstairs gym and everyone is welcome to come there.

Students will be dismissed by teachers from their usual exits, so please meet them there. If it rains, parents are welcome to wait in the auditorium after the dance before dismissal.

Look forward to seeing you there!!!

This has been such a wonderful year! Thank you to you and your fantastic kids!

Warm Regards,
Irving Staff

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