Irving Fun Run Pledge Rewards

All students are encouraged to reach their individual pledge goal of $30.00

All online pledges are merged with in-school pledges for student pledge totals.

Reach your $30.00 pledge goal:

  • Students that raise their pledge goal receive a School Spirit Store certificate.
  • The Top pledging student in the school will receive a fitness pack (exercise and fitness related items.)
  • The Top pledging student in each classroom will get to be the gym teacher for their class!
  • The Top 5 pledging students in the school will get a gift certificate for a Subway lunch.

Classroom Pledge Rewards:

  • All Classrooms are encouraged to work as a team to reach their class goal!
  • The classroom that raises the most will get a Recess Pack with balls, jump ropes, chalk and more.

Total School Pledge Rewards:

  • When the whole school works together as a team everyone WINS!
  • T.E.A.M.: Together, Everyone, Achieves, More!

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