Form and Fee Night

Class lists!
Eagle Extras!
Pay your fees!
Ask questions!

Form & Fee Night is Tuesday, August 20, from 4-6pm. If you have not already paid your school fees and lunch fees online then bring your checkbook to Irving at this time to do so. The forms went out over the summer, but some are also available on the District 97 website.

More fun than that, though, is this is when class assignment lists are posted. Look outside the school’s front door to see which teacher your child has. Note that the lists will come down that night in order to make some changes. Class lists are not posted online for privacy reasons. (Please do not share photos of a class list on Facebook or other public online setting.)

The school is open on Form & Fee night, so new families can tour around on their own and the kids MIGHT be able to peek in their new classrooms.

Eagle Extras, Irving’s after-school program, is accepting registrations starting at Form & Fee night as well. Details can be found here.

Families do not have to stay for the whole time. Just drop by and say hello while you fill out forms, ask any questions of the front office staff, and hang out with parents you haven’t seen in a while.

See you soon!

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