Eagle Extras Update

Thank you for all of your support,  The following classes will run as scheduled:
Mad Science K-1
Paper Play K-1
The Edge Soccer K-1
Child’s Play From Page to Stage K-5
Legacy Olympiad K-1
Green Art 2-5
Mad Science 2-5
Chess Scholars K-5
The following Classes are closed for enrollment:
Green Art 2-5
The Edge Soccer K-1
The following classes are in jeopardy of cancellation:
Legacy Sports 2-5 needs 3 students
Extra Extra 3-5…… Needs 4 more students…. This class is now open to students who were previously registered in the Fall session.
The Edge Soccer 2-5  needs 1 student.  Help us save this class!!!!
Musical books K-1 needs 4 students
Ready to Orff? 2-5 needs 3 students.
The following classes are officially canceled and will not run.
Hip Hop for grades k-1 and grades 2-5
Thumb Tacks
Push Pins
If your child is registered in one of the canceled classes and/or a class that is in jeopardy of being canceled and you would consider an alternate class, please email the Eagle Extras Committee at EagleExtras@irvingpto.com
Final confirmation emails will be sent once  all necessary class changes have been made.
If you have not already registered and are still interested in signing up your child(ren) for a class, we have extended registration through Wednesday, December 19, 2012 at the end of school.

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