Letter from Mr. Hodge

September 2012

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We have a number of students this year with severe, life threatening allergies to peanuts, all other tree nuts, as well as their products and oils. Strict avoidance is the only way to prevent an allergic reaction. For this reason we must be cautious with all classroom snacks eaten in the classroom and party foods distributed in the classroom during schoolwide celebrations. There will be a NO NUT POLICY for the following classrooms:

  • Kindergarten- Ms. Ricchio, Mrs. Gullo,  Ms. Weigel  and Ms. Arroyo
  • First- Mrs. Pelling, Mr. Degman, Ms. Kekatos and Mrs. Solomon
  • Second-Mrs. Ahearn and  Mrs. Klette
  • Third-Mr. Gray, Mr. Sak and Mrs. Kaunelis
  • Fourth-Mrs. Payton
  • Fifth-Mr. Eng and Ms. Balicki
  • Special Education-Ms. Saliny

In addition, we will be implementing the following food policy concerning schoolwide celebration foods:

  1. All food served to the students must be purchased in a store. No bakery or homemade goods may be brought into the classroom.
  2. The teacher must be given prior notice about any food items being brought into the classroom.
  3. All items must be sent in its original packaging with the listing of ingredients. If the list is omitted the food will not be distributed.
  4. Labels can be read in several ways:


  • Nuts are listed as ingredient
  • The label has a “may contain nuts’ warning
  • A warning that the food may have been processed in a facility that contains nuts

Please be advised that our lunchroom is not a Nut Free Zone and that we offer a Nut Free Table for children with nut specific allergies. Friends of children with nut allergies may sit at the Nut Free table if they eat a hot lunch provided by the school lunch program.Parents who send a lunch from home for their child are free to pack the foods of their choice. It is our hope that families CHOOSE to not send foods containing peanut butter or nuts.

We expect to have a wonderful year at Irving with these few accommodations. Since it is easy to forget these concerns if you do not live with them daily, we will send periodic reminders. We appreciate your support and understanding.


John Hodge

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