4th Grade Instrumental Music Enrollment due Friday, August 31st

In order to enroll for Instrumental Music, you and your student need to complete the three steps below by Friday, August 31 (All of the below will be available at the two open houses):

1. CHOOSE AN INSTRUMENT – During the first week of school, 4th graders will see an assembly demonstrating all of the available instruments. At the open house, each student will receive three tickets, which they may exchange to try three instruments. When making a choice, it is important to consider how the instrument sounds, how it feels to play it, and how it will be transported to and from school on lesson days.

2. RENT AN INSTRUMENT – District 97 does not supply the instruments for students. You may sign-up with representatives from Music & Arts Center or Kagan & Gaines Music Company at the open house, or contact Austin Music or another reputable local dealer on your own. If your student qualifies for free or reduced lunch, PING is group that can provide an instrument at a reduced cost.

Although instruments may be rented, purchased, or borrowed, the District 97 instrumental music staff highly recommends that beginning students rent their instruments. Most music merchants will apply the rental fee toward the purchase price of the instrument and will provide instrument repair for their customers. We specifically warn against buying an instrument from vendors who are not music merchants. These vendors include department store catalogues; discount membership warehouses, and on-line sales. An instrument purchased in this way may be of low quality and can cause playing problems for the children.

3. FILL OUT D97 ENROLLMENT FORM – This is an online form, and our computer lab will be open at the enrollment nights, or you may access it via the main district web page. Please fill this out AFTER you have arranged to rent an instrument.


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