Tasty Dog Fundraiser for Irving is Wednesday, March 21

Volunteer opportunity!

The Tasty Dog Fundraiser for Irving is Wednesday, March 21, and we need a volunteer to get the word out to Irving families when the date gets closer.

For those who don’t know: Every year TD holds a fundraiser for D97 schools where each school gets a day, and a percentage of the profits that day go to the school’s PTO. There is also a raffle, in which the tickets are $1 each and the Irving PTO gets to keep *all* of the money.

Last year, we raised nearly $600 from food purchases that day, and another $600+ from raffle tickets. A few Irving families won prizes too! The fundraiser is for the whole day, but most Irving families showed up for dinner and it was a really fun evening.

Duties include sending flyers home with students and posting them on the school doors, getting messages into the Irving Update and other email communications, and coordinating raffle ticket sales. I did this fundraiser last year so I can email you my files, so it shouldn’t be a lot of work–especially compared to the amount of money we can raise!

If you’d like to help out the school by overseeing the Tasty Dog Fundraiser on March 21, please let me know.

Thanks!  Julie Chyna <chyna823@gmail.com>

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